About Us

The Trendo Gene (DNA)

There are a lot of companies making Printed T-shirts and some are manufacturing organic ones as well. They share the same WHAT and HOW, but we work for Our WHY and Our WHO. We’re Thought and the Processors with creative chops and love for the World. We constantly look for connecting with people with what matters most - The Experience & Comfort of our clothing. And we spend each day doing so by adlibbing all means.


The Trendo Value

This is the material of our culture and the comfort of our customers.

Heads up – this is trending to be contagious.


The Trendo Moto (Guiding Principle)

Authenticity; Simplicity; Diversity; Creativity; Integrity


The Trendosauritians

We are just four of US – Friends Forever!!


We like to work with our FRIENDS when it’s the right feel to be around…

We believe in Love and we believe in each other.

We are expert creators and we pride on our creations. Someday you will take pride on us.

Curious to know more?