Our Story

Trendosaurus.in – Go Organic, Feel Fabulous

When Trendosaurus happened.. A Story from the founders:         

When we first met we did never know there is a wish each of us had which never came true. A wish that never came true got us here. Each of us in our own space was dealing with a frustration which like a leach was stuck on us. The frustration of Cubicle and the wish to breath in open air, breath in freedom. Daily routine was sucking our blood bit by bit and helplessly we were giving into it; Why? Well, there was no other source which would deposit some funds to pay our bills. Weekends were exciting as we could meet, have fun and sleep. But that was always very short lived followed by the cruel Monday. And it went on and on for years.

After some years has passed one of us decides to break the shekel and breathe the air. So, now one is out of the mighty Cubicle with no clear vision for next. A great person had once said, “..and they followed like a sheep..”.  So one by one drop the ball and moved the court.

What’s next?

There was nothing to do but sit and think. In an idle round of discussion we realize that there was no air to breadth. Our wish never came true. The open air, the freedom, nothing was there. Even after breaking the shekel nothing has changed. Something is still missing. The air is not the same, Cubicle was replaced by walls and bed. No job, or work was exciting enough to do. We were getting mad in pursuit of our peach. 

We though to take a tour to the country side and see, may be our air was there. And this clicked. The time spent in the fresh country side made us realize we need to work together. Together we can make the Wish come true. Instead of just wishing we can create our air to breathe, the freedom of mind from eternal happiness and some funds to live.

We decided to give back the next generation the Earth we borrowed from them. We need to use our business as a force for good. With that thought we created Trendosaurus, our very own medium of fresh air and freedom; the food for our soul.